Monitor Overview

The NIST RPKI monitor provides multiple distinct views of the state of RPKI deployment and its relationship to BGP routing in the Internet.

Overview of the measurements, visualizations and interface provided by the monitor:

  • Context Menu:
    • Context menu at top of page with the sections: Global Arin RIPE APNIC LACNIC AfriNIC
    • Allows selection of a global view, or a region/RIR specific view of the data.
    • [Compare] – will open a new view that displays the same graph for all regions.
  • Analysis Menu:
    • Analysis selection menu at top right of page.
    • Allows selection of specific types od analysis with the selected context.
    • BGP Prefix/Origin Validation – set of analyses that focus on comparing RPKI Route Origin Attestations (ROAs) to BGP routing announcements.
    • RPKI Repository Analysis – set of analyses that focus only on the RPKI and characterize its size, structure, and robustness.
    • Global Validation Heatmap – a set of special visualizations of the state of RPKI in the global Internet.
    • Query Specific ASes – ability to interactively query for validation results / RPKI data analysis relevant to specified AS or set of ASes.
    • Registry – A link to the selected registry’s website.
  • Results Menu:
    • Specific result selection menu below analysis menu.
    • Allows you to jump to a specific analysis / graph within the selected analysis menu set of results.
  • Notes:
    • Detailed information on the purpose, use, and methods related to this tool.
  • News:
    • Announcements of new or changed features of the monitor.